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32 Park Drive
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Are you a Relate Counsellor?
I am fully qualified to work for Relate. I trained at London Marriage Guidance, now renamed Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships. This unit, a centre of excellence, is within the Tavistock Clinic. I am a Psychodynamic Couple Counsellor.


What is Psychodynamic Counselling?
I focus on the 'here and now', exploring how problems have arisen and how to change them. I also examine how earlier experiences affect how you are today. It is this 'linking and thinking' that helps you to change.


Does that mean you sit there and say nothing?
No, I am proactive, as relationship therapy is a joint process.


How many relationship therapy sessions will I need?
I can't offer you a quick fix. Some people choose to stay longer than others - anything from six weeks onwards.


I'm single, or my partner does not want to come. Can I still see you?
Yes, if you come for counselling it doesn't matter whether you are single or in a relationship.
Some people may find their partners do not want to come or simply feel more comfortable discussing problems on their own.


Is there any point in coming if we're about to separate?
Yes, the ending of a relationship can be slow and painful. Couple counselling can help you to separate and develop the self-confidence to start again.
I can also assist you in negotiating a workable arrangement with your ex-partner particularly if children are involved.


How long is each session?
Sessions are 50 minutes long.


How much will it cost?
I charge between £40-£60 per session, depending on your personal circumstances.


Is it easy to park?
Yes, there’s off street parking with a one-hour restriction during the day.


If you have more questions relating to couple counselling in North West London or are interested in booking a relationship therapy session, please contact Barbara Greisman.